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Our Better Business Banking Calculator 
will demonstrate how you can maximise
the value of your business assets.
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Better Business Banking


"Based on my business's existing assets, and those currently secured by my bank, how much extra working capital can my business potentially achieve?"... Let's take a snap shot of your business and see what can be acheived by way of fragmenting your assets through our Specialist Lenders; estimate the value of your business assets as noted below, put in the total figure that is owed to your bank or financier, then click the Calculate button. This is how much Extra Working Capital can be achieved !!

Commercial Property


$ Facility

1/  Value

2/  Value

3/  Value


Monthly Average

Residential Property

1/  Value

2/  Value

3/  Value

Plant and Equipment

Sale Value


At Cost Value



Total Potential Facility*


Less: Total Amount Owed


Extra Working Capital

Now this is what we call Better Business Banking... a very real opportunity to help your business grow, protect your assets, create peace of mind, explore other business and investment opportunities... after all, Money Makes Money !!
* Terms, Conditions and Lenders final approval applies