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Business Finance Group

Better Business Banking

Australian Credit Licence 387903

About Us

Since 1994, Business Finance Group (Australian Credit Licence 387903) have specialized in structuring unique and creative funding/finance packages that relate to Commercial/Industrial Property, Residential/Rural Property, Inventory and Cash Flow Funding, Property Development, Equipment Leasing, Documentary Trade Credit facilities, Mezzanine Funding - in fact, all matters that relate to Business Banking.

We fully understand small business and their particular needs. In fact, it is time for a simple but extremely effective alternative to the traditional Business Banking model. For years now, certain companies SAVED YOU in the residential mortgage market by challenging the banks. We at Business Finance Group believe that it is now time to turn this focus to the Commercial sector. The time has come to introduce you to Better Business Banking.


What is Better Business Banking ?

Simply put, it's about changing the traditional focus of 'putting all your eggs in the one banking basket' and being introduced to our process of Asset Fragmentation, where we spread your business banking requirements so that no one single organization has total control over your business other than YOURSELF... and being fully aware of having FLEXIBLE financial products that move and shift with your company's pace and direction.

After all, no business operates with only one customer; or how dangerous would it be to have just the one supplier; YET, a majority of companies deal with just the one business banking institution!

Asset fragmentation

Through this process of Asset Fragmentation, it is the primary aim of Business Finance Group to: lower borrowing costs, increase working capital, improve cash flow and protect assets. Maximizing the return, BUT minimizing the risk to you, your family and your business... now that's BETTER BUSINESS BANKING.

Our Better Business Banking Calculator will demonstrate how you can maximise the value of your business assets.

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