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Business Finance Group, through its alliance with a host of specialist non bank Panel Lenders, will provide you with commercial finance products and services that will address your complete financial needs and requirements across your business's lifecycle.

Our products, services and specialist non bank Panel Lenders have been selected with the sole purpose of enabling you and your company to:

  • Help drive and achieve company growth
  • Realise the full potential of your assets
  • Improve cash flow that puts you in control - not your BANK
  • Experience flexibility and freedom in the way your company finances are handled
  • Increase profit by reducing finance debt servicing
  • Establish and implement a financial system that benefits your company
  • Eliminate those potentially stressful, harassing and time costly calls from your bank
  • And possibly the most important objective... achieve Peace of Mind

At Business Finance Group we are committed to providing flexible timely solutions. We take a commercial view and look at each proposal on its own merit. This allows you to break free from your current financiers 'take all' approach and navigate business YOUR WAY. We believe your financial capacity should be based on the strength of your BUSINESS and not the size of your HOUSE.